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What Your Podiatrist Can Do About Smelly Feet

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Many people find that their feet smell from time to time. But if yours are emitting a constant stench, you may want to chat with a podiatrist. Sometimes, smelly feet can act as an early sign of disease. Because of this, you could benefit from podiatry services.

Offer General Advice

Even if there is no underlying pathology, your podiatrist can offer general advice for banishing smelly feet. You may need to adapt the type of footwear you wear or change how often you wear certain shoes. Or, you might find that specialist soaps and solutions should become a part of your daily hygiene routine. Even wearing shoes that are too tight can cause a worrying stench. With a few simple lifestyle changes, your smelly feet could become a thing of the past.

Diagnose Fungal Conditions

Fungus tends to thrive in conditions that are warm and damp. When your feet are sweating, they soon provide the type of environment that fungi love. Fungi have a naturally musty odour, which can become embarrassing when you take your shoes off around other people. Your podiatrist can identify whether a fungal infection is present by examining the areas between your toes, as well as the nails. In addition to offering some lifestyle advice, they'll prescribe you a topical treatment that'll reduce the fungus and keep your feet smelling fresh.

AddressHard Skin

When you spend a lot of time on your feet or you love certain sports, hard skin soon begins to build. While it may seem harmless, although unsightly, it can increase your chances of experiencing smelly feet. When your hard skin becomes wet due to sweat or spending time in water, it offers the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. As a result, any bacterial infection that takes hold is likely to proliferate much faster than if you didn't have hard skin. Podiatry services can include hard skin removal. After your podiatrist tackles your hard skin, make sure you continue to moisturise your feet at home.

Recommend Insoles

You may receive a referral to podiatry services because of a condition that causes hyperhidrosis. For example, diabetes, thyroid problems, or menopause. If this happens, your podiatrist may be able to prescribe medicated insoles. Such insoles can contain solutions that make your feet less likely to smell while you get your condition under control. With continuous use, they can help you feel less self-conscious and keep your shoes smelling fresh.