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Don't Forget About Your Feet: Why You Need Custom Orthotics

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If you don't give your feet much thought until they start hurting, it's time for a change. Once the pain kicks in, you give your feet a lot of thought. Unfortunately, once the pain kicks in, the damage has already happened. That's why you need to protect your feet, and your legs, at all costs. That's where orthotics come into the picture. Orthotics are protection for your feet. But, they also protect the rest of your legs as well. If you don't wear custom orthotics, read the list provided below. If you can relate to any of the issues described here, it's time to talk to your podiatrist about orthotics. 

You Have Health Problems

If you have health problems that affect your legs and feet, custom orthotics can help. This is especially true if you've been diagnosed with arthritis or diabetes. Foot protection is crucial when you have either of these two medical conditions. First, orthotics reduce pain associated with arthritis. Second, orthotics protect your feet from injuries associated with diabetes. That's because diabetes increases the risk of foot infections. 

You're Standing All Day

If you stand all day, you need to take care of your feet. That's difficult to do when you're wearing ordinary footwear. That's why custom orthotics are so beneficial. Custom orthotics give you the stability you need when you're on your feet all day. This is especially important where pressure points are concerned. Two of those pressure points are your heels and the balls of your feet.

You're an Avid Runner

If you're an avid runner, you need to pay attention to your legs. Running puts pressure on every part of your legs. This includes your knees, shins, ankles, and feet. When protecting your legs, the shins are often overlooked. Unfortunately, shin splints can stop you in your tracks. That's why you need to wear custom orthotics whenever you run. Custom orthotics protect your legs from problems such as shin splints. 

You Take Long Walks

Does foot pain cut your afternoon walks short? If it does, now's the time to talk to your podiatrist about custom orthotics. Walking is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Unfortunately, foot pain can interfere with your ability to walk for long distances. One of the benefits of custom orthotics is that they can give your feet the support they need during long walks. That means your feet won't give you any pain.

For more information on custom orthotics, contact a podiatrist near you.