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How Orthotic Footwear Helps Beat Pain

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Your feet are the main point of contact between your body and the rest of the world. For this reason they are placed under a lot of stress and strain as your move around. Without proper care and attention, painful problems can develop. This is why it is vital to ensure that your feet are not being put under any undue pressure and that they are always properly supported. Unsupported feet can cause not only discomfort but can also lead to problems with your posture which can result in back pain. One way of avoiding these problems is to wear special orthotic footwear. Below is a brief guide to the benefits of orthotic footwear.


If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you should ensure they are properly cushioned. If they are not properly cushioned, you may develop problems such as drop foot, heel rolls and bunions. Lack of cushioning can also cause pain in the lower back, hips and calf muscles. Orthotic footwear will help to provide your feet with the correct amount of cushioning when you place pressure on them, helping to prevent or eliminate these problems.

Flat Arches

Because shoes are mass produced, they do not take into account the unique differences between different sets of feet. If you have flat arches, it is unlikely that a mass produced shoe will provide adequate support or shock absorption. If you attempt to run or walk a long distance in normal shoes, your flat arches may begin to cause you pain. Orthotic shoes are produced to match your particular foot shape, which helps to support your feet and combat the pain caused by flat arches.

Spinal Alignment

Problems with your feet can cause you to change the way you walk. This change in posture can lead to pressure being placed on the spine. As time goes by, your spine becomes misaligned, and you may also develop back, hip and knee pain. Orthotic shoes will relieve the pain in your feet and allow you to correct your posture. This will help you to maintain proper posture and spinal alignment which should help to relieve back, hip and knee pain.

If you are currently experiencing any of the above problems with your feet or the rest of your body, you should book an appointment with a medical professional who will be able to assess the problem and suggest suitable treatments.