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Three Ways to Ease Your Heel Pain

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One of the most common causes of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. Whether you are an athlete or live a sedentary lifestyle, it is quite easy to over-pronate your foot, and this will lead to inflammation of the plantar fascia. And since this injury is so common, most people assume that it will eventually go away on its own if the afflicted foot is given enough rest. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you cannot accelerate the healing with a few stretches that you can carry out at the comfort of your home. However, do take note that if the heel pain persists for several weeks or becomes progressively worse, it is critical to visit your podiatrist for medical intervention. So what are some of the ways that you can ease your heel pain?

Knee-bending stretch

To carry out this stretch, you should stand about a foot away from a wall. Proceed to place one foot behind the other and then attempt to bend your knees while keeping your feet flat on the floor. You should simultaneously lean toward the front-facing wall until you begin to feel your leg muscles stretch. Perform several repetitions of this exercise a few times throughout the day to help stretch out your plantar fascia.

Stair stretches

Get into position by standing on the stairs and having your heels over the edge of a step. You should then lower one leg down the stair with one foot still on the step but without getting into a sitting position. Although this is referred to as a stair stretch, you can also carry it out using a chair by standing on top of it and lowering your legs over the edge one at a time. When performed correctly, you should feel a bit of strain on the muscles at the back of your leg as they stretch.

Underfoot ball-roll massage

To perform this stretch, all you need is a small ball that you can easily curve your foot over—for example, a tennis ball or a golf ball. Get into position by sitting on a chair so that you have adequate support, then proceed to place the ball directly under the arch of your foot. Press down on the ball with your foot as you roll it forwards and backwards for several minutes a day. The curved surface of the ball works to relieve tension while also stretching out the plantar fascia.